Bulk Discounts Manager

Run dynamic sales without discount codes that are profitable.

14-day free trial

Site wide sales

Discount all products on your store with just a few clicks.

Stay Profitable

The only app that cares about your profit. Sticks to your margin, making sure you stay in profit.

Total control

Decide what products are in a sale right down to the variant level.

What makes this app cool?

Schedule Sales

No need to be sat at your PC waiting to start your sale. Schedule the time you’d like it to run and we’ll make sure it happens.

Stay In Profit

Unlike similar apps we take into account your product costs. This means we will never discount a product more than you paid or the margin (profit %) you want to make. 

Auto Tag Products

Tag products automatically when a sale starts to be able to use Shopify’s smart collections to create sales pages and more.

Variant Selection

Have complete control on what products are on sale by selecting products at the variant level. Only want a Men’s T-shirt (Blue) on sale not Men’s T-shirt (Green)  and Men’s T-shirt (Purple). That’s easy.

Show Savings

Show customers how great the savings are by using Shopify’s Compare At Price which we automatically fill in for you.

SiteWiDe Sales

Put your whole store on sale without any need to enter discount codes. Plus, stay profitable as we’ll never discount a product more than your the margin you want to make.

DailY Deals (Coming Soon)

Give your customers a different deal each day over a certain time period. We’ll rotate what product is on sale. (All while making sure it stays profitable)

Dropping Sales (Coming Soon)

Create urgency to shop by reducing the discount the longer customers wait. For example, 50% off day 1, reducing to 30% on day 2 and 20% on the final day.

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