Check List To Prepare for Black Friday Cyber Monday

Check List To Prepare for Black Friday Cyber Monday


November 20, 2019

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) is one of the biggest events for most shoppers to grab insane deals.

More importantly, though, it’s also the biggest opportunity for your eCommerce business to increase revenue over the season when buyers already have their wallet open and looking to spend.

Checklist to prepare to have for an outstanding Black Friday Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be great sales periods for stores but getting prepared for them can be a stressful time and many shop owners worried they’ve overlooked something when tackling the influx of orders, traffic and customer support enquires.

Plan Early

Preparing for BFCM as early as possible lets you devise your best strategy and let your customers know in advance that the sale is coming to drive as much hype as possible for the big day.

Shoppers in both the UK and the US start planning for their buys up to a few weeks before Black Friday even starts. This means you need to be one step ahead of them and find the correct products that match their needs as well as any content you want to product to capitalise on their wants.

Create an offer that is engaging and enticing

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the most common sales strategy is to run the “biggest and best” sales they have put on for that year so far.

This means that existing customers get a never seen before the deal and new customers have a lower barrier to entry to try your products. With prices also at a reduced price, average basket values are still strong as customers tend to add more products to their basket to make the most of the savings.

These sort of sales is where our Sales, Discounts and Profit app can come in handy. You can set the maximum discount you’d like to offer, but still, make a certain profit margin and our app will work out the best discount you can offer on each product.

This means you can run an “up to 70% off” sale over Black Friday but feel safe knowing you will still have a minimum margin on the more costly products.

If drop sales are not right for your type of business because profit margins are really, really tight then you can also run others like:

  • Daily deals (select a product each day to be a special price) which you can schedule through our app too.
  • Drop discount – each day or X days, the overall max discount reduces which promotes FOMO (Fear of missing out)
  • Product bundle, buy more and save more.

The ideal situation is to find what works for your audiences and tailor your sales messages to drive those conversations.

Plan which sales will happen when

Most stores on the internet won’t just run one sale on Black Friday and then stop. There will be Black Friday Pre Sales, Black Friday Secret Sales, Email-only deals, BF weekend deals and Cyber Monday.

Now you could run one offer for the entire time and it just goes on for the week but you might also want to consider how you build to the big day while no detracting from sales leading up to BFCM.

Creating a sales map can help you visualise the timeline of events and what you will offer on what collection or set of products or if you just want it to be sitewide.