CCPA and Appy Stamp

The California Consumer Privacy Act or CCPA has been implemented in California to give residents more control over their personal data, inclusing:

  • What personal information is being collected
  • Is that information being sold, and if so, to who?
  • Being able to opt out of their data being sold
  • Access their personal information on request
  • The right to have their personal information deleted on request
  • To not be discriminated against for exercising these rights

CCPA and Appy Stamp

We do collect personal information to be able to run our app, but Appy Design does not sell your customer personal data. In compliance with CCPA we will also remove your customer data on request through Shopify when it is requested through their admin panel.

Appy Design as a data processor

Appy Design is considered a data processor and we collect and process both personal and non-personal data about your store and customers through Shopify. When you are need to speak about who processes your data in your own privacy policy, you should put us down as one of the companies you share your customer data with for the purpose of a rewards and loyalty program.

You can see what data we collect on our Privacy and data collection article.