GDPR and Appy Stamp

General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is a data protection law from the EU and has been implemented in various countries to help product customers data and rights to privacy.

What is GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation came into effect in May 2018 and it changed the way companies collect, use and process personal data for EU and Uk residets.

How GDPR affects Appy Stamp

GDPR is a regulation that shapes the data usage for companies globally and the law does not affect the services we provide but how we provide them to out customers.

What we do in regards to GDPR

  • We only ask for the minimum amount of data we need to run our app for you. So we don’t ask for data (usually from Shopify) that we just don’t need or use.
  • When we make decisions, we plan their impact if any from a privacy perspective.
  • We have to make certain commitments with our third-party vendors if we process their data or if they become a sub-processor of our data.
  • We have submitted successful requests to Shopify, to have access to some of your customers data that we need to run our app.

How does GDPR affect you?

All of our users should consult with legal professionals to understand the full scope GDPR.

As a broad rule, if you a company or store in EU or have customers who live in the EU then you need to be GDPR compliant.

As we work with Shopify, here is a good resource to understand more.

How do I remove my customer data from Appy Stamp

Under GDPR the “right to erasure” means that customers can request their data to be removed at any point for any reason.

When using Shopify, they have provided the tools to remove customers data or get customer data from within their platform. When you do this, you will also get or remove data from our app as well.

Also when you uninstall our app, after 72 hours if you do not reinstall our app, Shopify will send us a request via API to redact your customer data from our system.

Disclaimer: This GDPR Guide is for informational purposes only. It is not legal advice. Please reach out to your legal representatives on how the GDPR may impact your business.