Getting Started With Sales Discounts & Profit Manager

Appy Discount and Profits Manager runs like a real-life store by manually discounting the product when the sale starts. When the sale is over, the price is reverted back to the original price and you can schedule a sale to start and end at any time.

When setting up a schedule for a sale you can select to discount the products by a certain percentage discount of the original product price. Product prices will change in the exact same way you’d do it manually by setting a new lower price and then setting a compare at price higher than the new lower price. The Appy: Sales & Discount app will do this for you automatically though at the time you choose.

Note: Sales Discounts & Profit does not require any liquid code changes to work. The app works by using the Shopify API to automatically set the price and compare at price of each product in the sale.

Our app does have a series of additional scripts you can use to provide extra functionality on your store such as showing the percentage saving or displaying a sales flag when the item is on sale.

Not sure how to get started?

  1. Check your settings before starting
  2. Create a sale by setting up a scheduled sale.