Program launch checklist

To make sure your program is the best it can be before you launch it, we’ve set up a checklist of things to check before you put it live.

Brand your widget

Make your widget match your brand in more detail by adding banners and customer stamp icons.

This will make the widget look more natural on your store and provide a seamless experience for your customers. It also gives you a chance to get creative and come up with a unquie looking loyalty program.

Integrate third party apps

You can connect up other services you use to our app, so that you can offer additional stamps for activities like leaving a review or sending our reward data into other services like external email systems so your emails could include your customers loyalty balance.

Finally, you can also connect up other services to offer specific rewards, like subscription onlt discounts for third parties like Recharge and Smartrr.

Configure your program

  • Set up the different ways you wish your customer to be able to earn stamps for various activities across tour site, like placing an order, signing up as a customer and more. Some examples could be:
    • Following your TikTok account or Facebook page
    • Creating an order
    • Signing up as a customer
  • Decide what rewards you want to offer your customers, and how many stamps or cards they will need to be able to claim them.
    • A 10% voucher when they have 2 completed cards
    • A free shipping code when they complete 1 card.

Import your customers from another program

If you’re moving from another platform, you can export your reward data from the other major platforms to import into our system.

If you are coming from a points based system you can calculate how you want to “convert” them into stamps and cards before the import.

Then upload the CSV into our app and we’ll take care of the rest.

Promote your program

Once it is live, you can start to push the program to your customers.

  • Send them an email, letting them know it is live and what they can benefit from it.
  • Push the program on your social media and you can also drive them to your other channels that they have yet yo follow and reward them in the loyalty app.