Switching from another loyalty program

If you’ve already set up on another loyalty program like LoyaltyLion or Smile.io and want to move over to us we will go through the steps needed for you to switch over to us.

Also, thanks for choosing us!

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Getting your data from your current loyal provider

Most loyalty programs should allow you to easily export your customer list with their details such as email, current point balance, vip program etc.

For Appy Stamp to import your customers, you will only need their email address and then what you want the Stamp Balance to be. You will need to “translate” your points into stamps as they conversion is unlikely to be 1 to 1.

Importing your customers into Appy Stamp

When moving to a new program it can be quite worrying if you’ve had your existing program for a while and your customers have gained a lot of points. There’s no issue with this, you can easily move across their reward balance but you’ll just have to decide how you want to convert their points into stamps and cards.

Appy Stamp will sync your customers directly from Shopify when you first install the app. Customer accounts and accounts in our app are the same, so as soon as a customer signs up on your store or creates an order as a guest – we will import them into the app for them to be apart of the loyalty program.

You can read Importing stamps via CSV to learn how to do it step by step.

Once you’ve imported the customers from your previous program with their converted balance, you are ready to launch your program (If you have not done so already).

Deciding on your new customer balance

As we are not a “point” based loyalty program when you move over to us from another program that is point based, your import will need to take into account the conversion from points into stamps.

There’s no hard rule on what this needs to be as every store is different but here’s a couple things to remember.

Your rewards will be set up usually based on trading in cards, so when converting points you will want to think about how many rewards they’ll be able to redeem once your switch them over to stamps.

For example, before you might need 500 points to get £5 off an order. In our app you might have set up 1 stamp card for a £5 off. This means to keep it the same, you’d need to convert 500 points to match however many stamps it takes to fill up your card.

If you need help with deciding on how to move across your points into stamps, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at support@appydesign.co.uk and we’d be happy to help you.

Launching your loyalty program

Once you are ready launching your program is a great way to reward your customers for shopping with you by giving them something back and driving more orders.

Don’t forget you can always change and tweak your program once live, it is a improvement cycle process – so keep at it and we are around to help when you need it.

Good luck 🎉