Importing stamps via CSV

There’s times when you are going to want to adjust customers stamp balance in bulk.

Some usual times are when you first install the app and wish to move your rewards program from another platform and wish to bring customers “points balance” over into our loyalty program. Your might also wish to offer your entire customer base or a selection of them “bonus points” for whatever reason like Christmas or maybe a customer service good will gesture.

Whatever the reason the process of uploading stamp balance to your customers is easy and should only take you less than few minutes depending on your customer list size.

You can choose to update the stamp balance of all your customers on your store, not just the ones that are members of the program but also guests as well. This means once they sign up with you, they will already have some points in their account… cool right?

If you do want to just update a couple of customers, you can do so easily inside the app itself by heading to the customer list and selecting the customer you wish to change.

If you are looking to port over your customer balance from another app or program that uses points then please read Switching from another loyalty program first.

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Important notes before the upload

Currently the adjustment will overwrite their stamp balance – so whatever value is in your CSV will become their new balance. If you wish to “add” to their current balance you will need to do that within the CSV before you upload it.

Using the Appy Stamp CSV template

One of the easiest ways to get started is by downloading the template we have set up as an example. You can download the sample here.

You can also visit the Appy Stamp admin and in the customer menu you can click on “Adjust customer balance” this will bring up a modal and the template link is also within that popup.

Creating your own file

If you have a CSV with your customers already, then it is super easy to update your current CSV so that we can read it correctly.

As a minimum we only need two columns to work: Email and Stamp Balance.

With these two columns we will then update their balance to be the new stamp balance in the sheet.

Using the Appy Stamp Admin Export

Once you’ve installed the app and we have imported your customers, you can also download your customers from our app into a CSV.

If you head to Customers from within the app admin and then click on Export customers this will bring up the modal to choose what you wish to export. Select “all customers” and press export.

We will then export your customers in the background and send an email to your main Shopify email address when the export is ready. When you open this up you will get the different columns of data we store for that customers.

This will export their current balance if any, so you can amend then Stamp Balance column and export it again as a CSV and then upload this file.

Uploading your CSV to the app

Once your CSV is ready, you can head back into the Customers section of the app admin to upload the new CSV you’ve created.

In the menu, click on Adjust customers and then click on Adjust stamps and you will see the modal popup.

Upload your new file and when ready press Update Balance and this will start the update in the background for your customers. Depending on how many customers you have to update it can take a while if you have a lot.

That’s it, you are done!