ReCharge and Appy Stamp

ReCharge is a popular Subscription platform for Shopify stores, and was one of the first. We’ve set up an integration with them to allow you to reward your customers for the subscription purchases.

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What can the integration do?

Once you have installed the integration into your Appy Stamped admin, you will be able to do the following.

  • Reward customers for placing Subscription orders specifically, and being able to set the amount of stamps awarded for these orders.
  • Allow customers to use their stamps and cards to get subscription only discount codes.
    • We currently offer a percentage discount code for the reward.
    • Fixed amount discount codes are coming soon.

How to install the ReCharge integration

  1. Head to the integration section within the Appy Stamped admin
  1. Click on Connect for the ReCharge app.
  2. Enter your API key that you have generated from your ReCharge admin

You can find your API key by reading up on how to get your API in the Recharge help documentation. Just remember to set up a private key that has full access or as a minimum we need access to these:

  • Orders – Read access
  • Discounts – Read & write access
  • Subscriptions – Read access
  • Products – Read access

The minimum requirement is needed otherwise our connection won’t work correctly.

  1. Click on Save
  2. That’s it, if your API key is correct we will be able to communicate with ReCharge.

If we encounter any errors with the integration, we will send you an email to your Shopify store email address with more information.

If you require any help setting up this integration, feel free to get in touch with our support and they will be happy to help.