Using template variables

In parts of the Appy Stamped app, we allow the use of template variables so that you can dynamically pull through some of your loyalty data into places like the customer widget and the notifications we send out for you, like when a customer earns stamps.

All variables use the moustache syntax {{}} so would look like {{stampBalance}} when inputted into a field.

Below is a list of currently available template variables:

  • stampsBrandingPlural – the plural name for your stamp i.e Stamps
  • stampsBrandingSingular – the single name for your stamp i.e Stamp
  • stampCardValue – amount of stamps per card
  • storeCurrency – the ISO4217 value of the currency selected i.e USD / GBP
  • storeCurrencySymbol – the symbol for the currency i.e. $/£

Email Specific Variables

These variables are only available in the certain email templates that we sent out for certain events to your customers.

Reward Redeemed

  • reward – the reward name that was redeemed

Stamps Earned

  • stampsEarned – the amount of stamps earned
  • activityName – the name of the activity

Why can’t I find the template variable I want to use

We only expose certain variables for emails and other places in the app such as the widget that are likely to be used.

If you require a different piece of data which we store for an email or you want to use it in the widget, then get in touch and we can take a look for you.

Can I edit the HTML of emails?

We currently don’t offer the ability to edit the HTML of our emails. You can replace the text in most places, which satisfies 99% of our merchants. If there is something missing from one of our templates, please get in touch as we can discuss what we can do.