Monthly price based on number of products

For our app to work in tip-top shape and help you when you need it most we sync all of your products in our database. This makes it much quicker to do all the magic behind the scenes.

We include all products from:

  • All sales channels
  • All states (visible and non-visible)
  • All stock levels (in stock, out of stock and unfillable locations)
  • All product types (normal and ones created by other apps like Recharge)

Our app will count all the product variants in your store to work out what monthly plan you should be on.

For example, if you have a product called Shoes but you have five variants; Red, Green, Black, White, Blue. This will count as 5 products towards your plan.

How can I check how many products I have?

When you log in to your Shopify admin page, you could easily check how many products you have from this Shopify link:


You can check how many variants you have by heading to.


Replace yourstore with your store name.

Can I choose a plan higher than my product count?

Yes absolutely, if you want to upgrade to a high plan than your product count then you can head to the plan page:

Can I choose a plan lower than my product count?

If you’d like to move to a lower plan and you have more products than that plan allows, you’ll need to do a few things:

  1. Remove the number of products needed to drop below the new plan’s maximum number of products allowed.
  2. Head to the app home page
  3. Sync your products with the app
  4. Head to the plan page and select your new plan
  5. That’s it, you should now be on the lower plan.