Syncing Products While Sales Are Running

When you run a sale, we store the current price of every item and the sale price of every item.

We take this information from the saved product data we have from your store whenever you press the “Sync Products & Collections” button on the home page.

Of course, when a sale is live and we have discounted the price, we would not want that updated “sale price” to be recorded in our app while the sale is running. This keeps the record we have of your product nice and clean while the sale continues to run.

We also don’t update any prices for products that have already been “previewed” within a sale. This is when you click on “preview sale” in the view sale page.

When you click the “preview sale” button we work out the discount ahead of time. So one this has run for a sale, we would not want the prices for these products to change or we’d have old information about them.

So when is the best time to Sync?

The time to sync your products in anytime you make a change in your Shopify admin to products but before you plan to run the sale.

This way you can make all your changes to prices, tags, title or anything. Then you can sync your store with our app and then create your sales.

Once your sales are over, you can then (if you want) sync them again when make any changes. in the Shopify admin.

We do let you know how long it has been since you last updated the app with your latest Shopify products. So you can see how “stale” the product information has become since.