Removing a customer from the program

Sometimes you may need to remove customers from your loyalty program.

This could be because they are spam accounts, wholesale accounts or other reasons that you’d not want them to be able to get the offers you have for being a member of the program.

Removing a customer from the program

You can remove a customer by first going to the customer list in the app admin. From here you will be able to search the customer you wish to remove.

  1. From the customer details page, you can click on the Remove from program button under their name
  1. When you click on remove, a popup dialog will ask you to confirm you wish to remove them.
  1. Once confirmed, they will be marked as removed.

Once a customer has been removed they will no longer be able to access their loyalty program account from within the widget that is shown on your store.

They will also be unable to earn stamps from activities such as orders or social media actions and integrations and they will be unable to redeem any rewards.

Note: Customers who are removed from the program will still be able to see the “non logged in” widget as at this point in time, we don’t have their customer information to check if they are eligble or not.

Re-enabling a customer to join the program

If you change your mind, you are able to enable a customers entry into the program again by repeating the same steps above.

A customer that has been removed, will have the option to Enlist to program

Clicking on this button, will like before, open a dialog to confirm you wish to add them to the program.

Once you’ve clicked on Enlist they will be back in the program and will be able to earn stamps, redeem for rewards and access their member portal from inside the widget on your store.