Site & browser performance using Appy Stamp

We understand the importance of page speed when it comes to an ecommerce shop or any website. You don’t want your customers waiting too long for your webpage to load.

When you use our app, we do install some small snippets of code on your website but our main goal is to make sure those bits of code cause almost no impact to your overall site performance.

This is typically done by loading our bits on the side, this is called asynchronously loading and means that it won’t affect the main content of your site from loading.

If you run a Lighthouse report on your store, these results are usually places for improvements to the “gold standard” but don’t always improve your page score, or affect the overall load times in a meaningful way.

We do run these reports internally on our test stores to make sure we have a baseline of performance and record experiences over time.

If you have any questions about our app and site speed performance please get in touch with us as