Translations and languages

This article will help you understand our app and the languages we are working in natively.

Support languages

  • UK English

Languages in progress

These languages are currently in progress and are being worked on.

  • Japanese
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German

What text is translated?

  • Any text within the admin screen that is not customised. So buttons, help text, field labels etc.
  • Any text that has not been changed in the customer widget.
  • Any text fields that are available and not changed in the customer notifications.
  • Any reward or activity names that have not been changed.

What text is not translated?

We don’t automatically translate any text that you have edited yourself that is no longer the default.

This is usually fields within the widget that the customer sees, or activity names etc where you can rename them. This also includes custom stamp additions and reductions to a customer and you can add a comment both internally and customer facing.

VIP Tiers as well once created will be set in their original language at the time of creation.

Finally, any historical customer or stamp related data – i.e. rewards that were redeemed before the language was changed.