Configuring bonus days

Sometimes you might want to offer a promotional period where your customers can get more stamps than normal for ordering on your site.

This is a great way to incentivise customers to spend more, by rewarding them more for a short period of time.

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Setting up a bonus day schedule

First you need to head to your Stamp Program settings and then scroll down until you see the stamp bonus days section like below.

From here you can add a new schedule that you can decide on how much you want to offer your customers for a selected period of time.

  1. Give your bonus schedule a name, don’t worry this is internal only – so your customers won’t see it.
  2. Select the dates you wish to run the promotional bonus time for. You can leave it as the default and the promotion will run just for the day.
  3. Select a start and end time if you wish to run it at a certain – if not it will default to the entire day midnight to midnight.
  4. Select the type of bonus you wish to offer.
    1. One time – this will apply a one-time bonus amount of stamps to their order.
    2. Multiplier – this will apply a multiple of stamps to their order based on what value you’ve set on your placed an order activity. For example, you could set it to 2x and if you offer 2 stampers per order, this would give them 4 during the bonus.
  5. Once you are done, press save and you will see your new bonus set up.

You can set up your bonuses in the future as well, this way you can plan your bonuses around other marketing activities and we will automatically apply them during the period you set.

Important: if you set up bonus days that overlap, we will always select the first one (earlier one you set up) and apply that one.

Setting up bonuses for certain products

This feature is coming soon and you will be able to set up stamp bonuses on certain products.

How the bonus days work with VIP bonuses.

If you have VIP tiers set up, you might have certain tiers offering a multiplier to your stamps when your VIP customers make an order.

To make sure that these customers do not miss out, we will always use the better offer for them.

If a Silver VIP customer usually gets 2x stamps for every order and you normally award 1 stamp per order, but you have set up a 5 bonus stamp day as a one-time. We will award the VIP customer will the bonus day’s 5 stamps, instead of their VIP bonus which would be 2 stamps.

Important: we won’t mix bonuses, so customers will only ever get one bonus not both.