Deactivating your program

There will be times that you will want to make changes to your stamp program but do not wish to do it while the program is live that customers can access on your store. This guide will walk you through how you can turn off your program temporally so you can make changes to how customers can earn and redeem and other settings around stamp expiry or how the widget looks.

There are two separate places to deactivate different parts of your overall loyalty program.

  • The stamp program can be turned off by heading to program settings in the admin and is the first section.
  • The VIP program can be turned off by heading to VIP in the admin.

When your program is deactivated, you will get a big banner to remind you that it is currently switch off. This is because when off, your customers will no longer be rewarded for their activities on your store while the programs are deactivated.

Deactivating your program will still keep all of your configuration, so you will not need to set up anything again that you have already done before unless you wish to make new changes.