Earning stamps through social media actions

Customers can be rewarded for interacting with your brand through various social media channels and it a great way to reward them outside of your store.

The article will help you understand the different social media activities you can set up for your customers and how they will engage them with through your widget.

How customers will earn earn stamps

Appy Stamp will give the stamps to your customers when they click on the activity within the widget that is on your store.

At the moment due to limitations with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok they don’t allow third parties to access their data. So we are unable to confirm if a customer has taken that action specifically. This means when they click on the button to like a page, follow a Twitter account etc we have to use an honour system to award them the stamps.

For this reason, it is a good idea to set up rate limiting for the actions that are repeatable like sharing a post. This stops the social media actions from being abused. For any action that is one-time such as liking a page or following an account, these are limited to once per customer, per lifetime so no rate limit needs to be set up by you as we’ve done this already.